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BLDG Health Case Study

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Executive Summary

BLDG Health, a leader in indoor air quality solutions, faced challenges in engaging their diverse, multilingual contractor audience and efficiently training their widespread sales team. Their innovative product, Air Quality Doctor, though technologically advanced, struggled with low website engagement and booking rates., with its video AI automation and native language capabilities, provided a transformative solution. This case study explores the implementation and impact of on BLDG Health’s sales process and customer engagement.


BLDG Health's target audience included English and Spanish-speaking contractors and technicians. Their existing engagement tools were inadequate in:

  1. Low Website Engagement: Technical details of Air Quality Doctor were not effectively communicated through text, leading to low engagement.

  2. Ineffective Video Strategy: YouTube videos failed to retain audience attention on BLDG Health’s offerings.

  3. Training Inefficiencies: Frequent technological updates made it challenging to keep the sales team uniformly informed.

challenges.png Solution was integrated at multiple customer touchpoints, including the website's main page, contact us, FAQ page, email newsletters, social media posts, and landing pages. Key features included:


Video AI Automation:
Engaging video content that automated customer journeys without losing the human touch.


Native Language Capabilities:
Offering content in both English and Spanish to resonate with a broader audience.


24/7 Customer Interaction:
Enabled continuous engagement, including after-hours, enhancing customer service.


Sales Training Automation:
Utilized asynchronous video content for efficient and consistent sales training.

Impact & Results

The introduction of led to significant improvements in BLDG Health’s sales and customer engagement:


Increased conversion rates

A 90% increase in conversion rates was observed, attributed to content in customers' native languages fostering better connections.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Engagement rates soared due to content resonating more in the audience’s native language.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

24/7 interaction capabilities and clearer customer communication resulted in a 40% increase in customer satisfaction on service calls.


Expanded Market Reach

Breaking language barriers allowed BLDG Health to cater to a more diverse audience.


Reduced Training Costs

Automation of sales training led to cost reductions and more effective dissemination of information.

Conclusion’s innovative approach to customer engagement and sales training has been a game-changer for BLDG Health. By effectively addressing language barriers and training challenges, it has not only streamlined BLDG Health’s sales process but also significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement. This case study underscores the potential of video AI automation in transforming business practices and scaling sales efforts.

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