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Caddy Moving Case Study

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In the dynamic world of Sales and Marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This is where, a revolutionary tool in automating customer journeys with video, plays a pivotal role. enhances engagement, conversion, and consistency in sales through Video AI Automation, offering a unique blend of human touch and digital efficiency.

Client's Background

Caddy Moving is recognized as a leading provider of efficient moving assistance services throughout the country. With its fully digital reservation system, Caddy Moving allows customers to manage all aspects of their moving services online, saving time and reducing the typical stress associated with moving day arrangements. As a result of their commitment to providing a fast and user-friendly online experience, Caddy Moving has become the preferred choice for thousands of families seeking reliable moving solutions.

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Challenges Faced

Despite integrating advanced technologies such as chatbots and implementing various digital marketing strategies, Caddy Moving faced persistent challenges with low customer engagement and disappointing conversion rates.


Over a period of two years, the company consistently recorded conversion rates of merely 2% to 3%. This stagnation occurred even as they continuously sought new methods to enhance their online presence and engage potential customers more effectively.

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Solution: Implementing Adaptive Funnels

Caddy Moving implemented Adapted Funnels dynamic video content on their website.


Results: Within the first week of using Adaptive Funnels, observed a significant increase in conversions, doubling their rate to 6%. Over the following weeks, the conversion rate steadily increased to as high as 7%.


Caddy Moving, a nationwide moving company without its own fleet, faced significant challenges in engaging customers online and converting leads. The introduction of Adaptive Funnels revolutionized their digital strategy by incorporating compelling video content directly related to their services. This strategic change led to a dramatic improvement in conversion rates, establishing Adaptive Funnels as a transformative tool for customer engagements and conversions, surpassing the results of other tools in the market.

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