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Katomaran Case Study



In an era where personalization and efficiency are paramount, stands out as a groundbreaking solution for automating customer journeys with video, thereby revolutionizing sales and marketing strategies. This case study delves into the transformative impact of on Katomaran, a leading custom application development firm with a global presence.

Client's Background

Katomaran has made a name for itself in the realm of custom application development, specializing in IoT and hardware development. With branches in India, Singapore, the USA, and the Middle East, they faced unique challenges in communicating complex product details across diverse languages and cultural contexts.

Challenges Faced

  1. Language Barriers: Operating in multiple countries, Katomaran struggled with engaging customers in their native languages, which is crucial for building trust and understanding.

  2. Complex Product Presentation: The intricate nature of IoT and hardware products made it challenging to convey information effectively through traditional methods like audio calls or website pictures.


Solution: Implementing was deployed across various touchpoints on Katomaran's website, including the main page, contact us, and FAQ sections. This strategic implementation aimed to enhance customer engagement and simplify complex product explanations.

Features of


Video Chatbot Plugins:
Offering interactive live videos, these chatbots address customer queries, assist in decision-making, and qualify leads.


Scalability and Consistency:
Adaptive Funnels provide a standard yet personalized approach to sales, eliminating the dependence on sales teams and reducing training costs.


Broad Application:
Beyond sales and marketing, Adaptive Funnels are effective in collecting customer testimonials and reviews, and other people-centric business interactions.


Diverse Deployment:
Adaptive Funnels were installed on websites, landing pages, emails, SMS/MMS, social media, and various other digital mediums.


24/7 Availability:
Serving customers after-hours, addressing queries and capturing leads even outside of business hours.

Results and Advantages

The introduction of led to remarkable improvements in Katomaran's customer engagement and sales metrics:


Doubled Conversion Rates:

Interactive and native language videos resulted in a 2x increase in conversion rates.


Expanded Market Reach:

Breaking language barriers allowed Katomaran to access new markets and diversify its customer base.


Reduced Support Costs:

Clear communication minimized misunderstandings and follow-up support needs.


Improved Brand Perception:

Multilingual support positioned Katomaran as an inclusive and customer-centric brand.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty:

Personalized experiences in native languages improved customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and advocacy.


Increased Customer Engagement:

Content in native languages resonated more, leading to longer interactions and more effective communication.


Higher Retention Rates:

Customers felt more understood and valued, enhancing brand loyalty.


Greater Revenue Opportunities:

Accessibility to a wider audience opened up new revenue channels.

Conclusion has not only resolved the key challenges faced by Katomaran but also propelled the company towards greater heights in customer engagement and business growth. By harnessing the power of AI-driven video automation, Katomaran has set a new standard in personalized customer interactions, proving that technology can enhance human connection rather than replace it. This case study demonstrates the potential of to transform businesses across industries, making it an invaluable tool in the modern digital landscape.

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