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ThreeSeven Digital Case Study



In the fast-paced realm of Sales and Marketing, maintaining a competitive edge is essential. emerges as a transformative solution, automating customer journeys through video. This tool boosts engagement, conversion, and sales consistency with its Video AI Automation, merging the nuances of human interaction with the precision of digital technology.

Client's Background

ThreeSeven Digital, a forward-thinking company, recognized the need to innovate its sales and marketing strategies. With a strong online presence, they aimed to optimize customer interactions on their website:

Challenges Faced

  1. Over-reliance on human sales teams, making scalability a challenge.

  2. Inconsistent customer engagement and qualification.

  3. High training costs, consuming 50% of their sales budget.

  4. Missed opportunities for after-hours customer interaction.

ThreeSeven Digital (1).png
ThreeSeven Digital (2).png

Solution: Implementing provided a comprehensive solution with its video customer journey embed codes, deployed across various touchpoints on ThreeSeven Digital's website, including the main page, contact us, and FAQ sections. These Adaptive Funnels, featuring interactive live videos, addressed customer queries, aided in decision-making, and qualified leads.

Features of


Adaptive Funnels are infinitely scalable, providing consistent performance.


Used in marketing, recruitment, and other people-to-people business interactions.


Wide Reach:
Installed on websites, emails, social media, and more, ensuring a comprehensive digital presence.


After-Hours Service:
Addressing customer interactions outside regular business hours.


The implementation of led to remarkable outcomes for ThreeSeven Digital:


300% Increase in Customer Engagement:

Significantly enhanced interactions on the website, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Consistency and Scalability in Sales:

Standardized customer interactions across various touchpoints.


Improved Conversion Rates and Revenue:

Streamlined customer journeys led to increased conversions.

Conclusion revolutionized ThreeSeven Digital's approach to customer engagement and sales. By leveraging the power of video AI automation, they not only scaled their sales but also achieved a significant increase in customer satisfaction and engagement. This case study exemplifies how embracing innovative digital solutions can transform business operations, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.

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